The kind of love you can buy, sell or trade for kitties!

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The token of love

The Luv coin is an ERC20 token. Luv is quite special since it differs from most tokens, that gain their value from the service that they are used for, since there is no such service! Exchanging, buying and selling the Luv tokens is all they are meant to be used for.
That is because Luv is a special kind of token.
Luv is the token of love.

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Luv has a price!

The monetization of love has been a thing since ever...
Now it's time to actually tokenize it, turn it into Luv and sell it!

Luv is countable!

You will know exactly how much you are luved with a precision of 18 decimal points!

Luv for all!

Luv will be minted with your ethereum and be added to the total supply.
Meanwhile, Luv's price will increase based on the new total supply.

Time left until Luv becomes buyable!

Get some Luv!

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